SIP applikation for access control

The Adatis DoorKeeper is an easy-to-use application designed specifically for visitor communication and access control. With DoorKeeper, any number of doors that are equipped with Adatis access systems can be remote-controlled from any location over the network.

for all Adatis terminals

door communikation via your side

Video and audio from the door are shown on all applications via SIP at the same time. The watch-before-open function allows you to see who is standing in front of the door without the terminal being visible.

Thanks to the remote control of the camera, the image section can be selected optimally and can be changed live. Then it’s just a click to talk to the visitor or open the door.

intuitive application

easy configuration

The software automatically recognizes all entries, which are equipped with an Adatis terminal.

The user can also customize the application, such as time constants for automatically minimizing the application, mute of the microphone, and automatically disconnection as well as the volume or ringtone.

needs no SIP server

Product types

The following product types are available. Please contact us for further questions under:

Product types

DoorKeeper for Windows


After installation the Adatis DoorKeeper will run minimized in the background. Whenever a visitor rings the doorbell, the window pops up, shows video and replays audio from the door. The operator can view who is standing in front of the door and use the TALK button to speak to the visitor (push-to-talk operation). The OPEN button will operate the door opener. After a preconfigured time, the application will automatically minimize and disappear into the task bar.
A click on the camera icon will enlarge the window and show the camera controls for pan/tilt/zoom and fixed camera positions. Also the controls for ACCESS, SETTINGS and CONFIGURATION are shown in the larger window.

Entrance selection

All available entrances are auto-detected and listed in the ACCESS sub-window. From the list the user selects all or a subset of entrances which the user wishes to attend.


The behavior of the application can be adapted to suit the user preferences. The number of seconds of time-out before the application minimizes, can be entered as well as the time before the applications automatically mutes the microphone or terminates the connection. Other settings concern the audio volume and the selection of ringtone.


  • SIP 2.0
  • SIP audio G.711, A/μ-law
  • SIP video H.264, video formats CIF and VGA
  • Auto-detection of entrances via Bonjour
  • Remote control via SIP Info (RFC 2976)
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