FaceAdmin AI – Server

  • Biometry with Deep Neural Network technology
  • Facial model with 99.38% accuracy on the standard Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) benchmark
  • For up to 10,000 faces depending on license
  • Local, remote or App-based facial enrollment
  • Serves up to 16 doors
  • Based on NVIDIA Jetson TX2: 256 CUDA cores
  • 2,9‘‘ E-paper display for status information
  • DIN-rail mounting, 6 units wide

FaceAdmin – Server

  • Available as Rack- (19″ 1HU) or Mini-Server
  • SW-license based on number of managed terminals
  • Same look-and-feel GUI as door stations
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Linux operating system

Management for access control

  • Management software for the administration of all Adatis door terminals in a network
  • Central SQL database, synchronized with the offline databases in the terminals
  • Access control function according to person, door and time schedule
  • Flexible group concept, individual mapping of groups and persons to doors
  • Operation via web browser, no software installation required

Product types

The following product types are available.
If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: info@adatis.com

Product types

FaceAdmin Mini-Server: S (up to 5 units) - M (up to 10 units) - L (up to 25 units) - XL (more than 25 units)
FaceAdmin Rack Server: S (up to 5 units) - M (up to 10 units) - L (up to 25 units) - XL (more than 25 units)
FaceAdmin AI- Server: For up to 16 units

Terminal Management

  • Administration of 5 and more door terminals depending on license
  • Administration of 16 terminals with the FaceAdmin AI
  • Simple connection of the door terminals to the server via the XML-RPC interface

Personal Management

  • Central personal data for all door terminals
  • Adding and editing people and groups
  • Individual assignment of groups and persons to the door terminals dot]Automatic synchronization of personal data directly to the door terminals
  • Data import from the Adatis door terminals for the conversion from autonomous operation to server operation

Access Management

  • Administration of access control directly via FaceAdmin
  • Time-controlled access per person and door terminal
  • Enrollment via the door terminals possible
  • One-time enrollment for all connected door terminals

Face Recognition (FaceAdmin AI)

  • Face recognition directly by the server
  • Face recognition accuracy of 99.38% (LFW benchmark)
  • Internal encrypted database for up to 10.000 faces (depending on license)
  • Enrollment of faces via USB camera or via the connected door terminals

Syslog server

  • Backup of the syslog of the connected door terminals
  • Various filter options of the system logs


  • Linux Server
  • Administration directly via the browser
  • No client software necessary
  • Easy to use, thanks to identical user interface as the door terminals
  • E-Paper Display to show status information (Rack and FaceAdmin AI)
  • GUI for real-time access monitoring via face recognition (FaceAdmin AI only)
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