The innovation

FaceUP integrates the latest biometric face detection technology with the proven installation in any flush mount box. This is achieved by a consequent miniaturization of the camera and processing unit.

Another innovative feature is the reader’s connection to the electricity network using the Power-Line-Communication technology according to the HomePlug AV standard. This makes the installation as easy as setting a socket: It is enough to find a common PLC adapter from the DIY store to find and communicate with all access readers in the Ethernet. Hightech for your switch program

combinable access possibilities

FaceUP is not just a biometric reader, but also combines up to 4 credentials, RFID/NFC, PIN code, BLE – which can be used alternatively or combined for access. A color camera, which is also available optionally, provides a log file with faces of access events. Optional LEGIC and iCLASS readers are available.

Face detection – PIN code – RFID – BLE

simple connection

The connection can be very flexible via almost all interfaces: 230V power line via HomePlugAV power line communication (PLC); bell wire with low voltage and PLC; Ethernet 10/100 with PoE or RS485 interface

Product types

The following product types are available. Please contact us for further questions under:
Product types

Biometry (FaceUP)

  • Face recognition in 2D & 3D
  • NIR illumination for ambient light independence
  • Works in complete darkness
  • Detection time: less than 1 second
  • Enrollment time: less than 5 seconds
  • Template size: about 5 kB
  • FAR (False Acceptance Rate): 0,000.1%
  • FRR (False Rejection Rate): 0.01%
  • Light source: LED flash
  • Working distance: 40 - 60 cm


  • NFC technology
  • Mifare, Mifare DESFire
  • LEGIC, iCLASS optional


  • BLE, 4.1
  • Integrated antenna

PIN code

  • 12 key touch pad, RGB-backlit
  • visual and acoustic feedback for keys pressed


  • Integrated web server for configuration via web browser
  • Management software FaceAdmin, separate available
  • Moving visual patterns and sounds for operational feedback
  • Integrated database with 1,000 entries
  • Multi-credential access
  • Color camera for logging and surveillance (VideoUP)
  • Tampering alarm when opened


  • Ethernet, 10/100BaseT with PoE (Ethernet)
  • Ethernet via mains 110/230V (HV/PLC))
  • Ethernet via 2-wire interface (NV/PLC)
  • Wiegand or RS485 interface (Ethernet)
  • 2x trigger Inputs
  • 1x relay - eg door opener
  • Optional BKS wireless module FM01 for control of wireless door locks


  • CE compliant
  • EN 55011, E5022, 500081

Power supply

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af (Ethernet)
  • Via mains 110/230V (HV/PLC)
  • Via 2-wire line: 48V (NV/PLC)
  • Alternative power supply 6-56V DC 4W
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