Next generation‘s visitor communication and access control

Visitors either choose their desired point of contact directly using the built-in phone book – or ring the door bell for the receptionist. As the unit is networked, distance does not matter any more and the recei- ving station can be anywhere in the world. The high quality echo can- cellation guarantees natural voice communication, without loosing a word. At the same time you will see the person and the situation in front of the door, live and in color, anytime, even if no one is ringing.

VoIP with SIP standard

high-secure biometric identification

Face recognition is safe, quick and easy to use and works without physical contact. The Adatis-technology is working with a three-dimensional acquisition of the face in invisible infrared light. When a face in front of the camera is detected, a 3D scan is started and features generated from the 3Dmesh are compared against features stored in a database. If the person
standing in front of the door is enrolled, i.e. in the data base, the door opens automatically.

Access also via RFID and PIN code, combinable

independent and flexible in the network

The Adatis terminals are suitable for stand-alone, server and reader operation, depending on the requirements and size of the application. This allows various interfaces, eg TCP/IP, Wiegand, relay or trigger. Thanks to the 2-wire connection, an existing cable wire line can also be used for data and power transport, of course AES128 encrypted.

Product types

The following product types are available. Please contact us for further questions under:
Product types


  • Face recognition in 3D
  • Detection time: less than 1 second
  • Enrollment time: less than 5 seconds
  • FAR (False Acception Rate): 0,000.1%
  • FRR (False Rejection Rate): 0,01%
  • Light source: Xenon-flash
  • Working distance: 40 - 60 cm


  • Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire (included)
  • Legic (ordering option)
  • iCLASS (ordering option)


  • 1.3 megapixel CMOS color sensor with fisheye lens
  • NIR lighting for night operation
  • 180° fisheye lens (HFOF behind the front glass app. 130°)
  • Electronic Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • Hardware based fisheye dewarping for panoramic view
  • Video compression H.264, MJPEG, JPG


  • Built-in microphone and speaker (exciter)
  • Full-duplex high-performance echo cancellation
  • Integrated class-D amplifier with up to 10W (PoE-plus)
  • Frequency range: 200 - 8000 Hz
  • G.711 audio codec


  • Capacitive touch screen with 7“ LCD
  • Ambient-light controlled brightness
  • configuration via LCD menus and Web browser
  • Integrated database


  • Ethernet, 10/100BaseT with PoE(+)
  • Ethernet via 2wire line (ordering option)
  • Wiegand output
  • 2x trigger inputs or 1x trigger input and 1x tamper contact
  • 1x relay - C-style


  • SIP RFC 3261, compatible with all SIP-(video-)phones, SIP-servers, and softphones
  • TCP/UDP/IP, RTP, HTTP, DNS, NTP, DHCP (client), Wiegand, XMLRPC based API


  • CE compliant
  • EN55022, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55024
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